5 Services Offered by your Local Sutherland Shire Plumber


When you think of a plumber, you probably picture a man with a wrench in his hand, working under a sink in someone’s kitchen and while they do fix leaks, there is so much more to your local Sutherland Shire plumber.

Here are some of the services on offer.

Blocked Drains

Your local plumber in Sutherland Shire has both the resources and the know-how to unblock drains. They use the latest CCTV technology by sending a buggy into the drainage system to get a close-up of the interior, which allows them to easily locate the blockage and implement a solution. The plumber has a fully equipped mobile workshop that contains everything they might need for drain unblocking. There isn’t much the plumber hasn’t seen regarding drain issues and he can make short work of any blockage.

Pipe Relining

If a section of drainpipe is compromised for any reason, pipe relining can be carried out. This eliminates the need for digging up the area around the damaged pipe; the process involves seating an inflatable sleeve into position, which is inflated to provide a new pipe section.

Burst Pipe Repairs

Mains water is pressurised and it is not uncommon for old pipe to simply rupture; of course, should the worst happen, the most important thing to do is turn off the water supply.


Then call your local plumber and move everything from the problem area and the plumber can get straight to work when he arrives. Click here for what to do if you think you have a water leak in your home.

Toilet Repairs/Replacement

Many people renovate their bathroom and one of the common requests is to replace or repair the toilet. The plumber can supply any make of WC and if repairs are needed, the plumber is the man for the job.


If the toilet can’t be flushed, there are several potential causes for this and a plumber would find the issue within a few minutes. Equally, if you are looking for shower screen replacement, the plumber has a catalogue of shower screens, all at affordable prices.

Hot Water Services And Repairs

Most plumbers are gas-approved and if your hot water system is in need of a service or repair, look no further than your local plumber. The plumber also can supply a top brand water heater, or you could switch to how water on demand, which saves energy. Hot water on demand is a much cheaper way of having hot water throughout the day and if you would like to know more about how water on demand, contact your local plumber

Plumbing is part and parcel of property maintenance and sooner or later, you will require the services of a local plumber. We recommend pre-sourcing a local plumbing company in Sutherland Shire and when you do need their services, you already have the number stored in your smartphone.

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