Powerful cleaning tips for area rugs that will make your home look amazing

Area rugs and carpet pads can become dirty over time or when they are in high traffic areas.

Area rugs tend to attract more dirt than other types of flooring because they need to be vacuumed at least once a week, but most people only vacuum their carpets once every one to three months.Here are some steps for keeping your area rugs and carpet pads clean so they can last longer.

Some area rugs are Oriental, which tend to be more delicate than other types of flooring.To prevent damage to the rug, never place furniture on top of the rug with small legs or spindly arms since this could compress the fibers over time, making it more difficult to get rid.

Cleaning tips for area rugs

Clean an Oriental rug by first checking the tag to find out if it can be machine washed because some are hand washed only.If you have a machine-washable rug, put it in the washing machine at home or take it to a local laundromat.

Oriental rugs that are not machine-washable and cannot be cleaned with a solution need to be dry-cleaned.Connecticut Rug Cleaners provides rug cleaning in the Hartford area.

Cleaning tips for carpet pads

If you have a low pile carpet, it is best to get a rug pad that is made specifically for this type of flooring.Rug pads made for medium and high pile carpets can be slippery or rough on the bottom of the area rug, which could cause it to slip off the pad if weight is put on top of it.Be aware that using an incorrect pad could void the warranty on your area rug and carpet pads.

How to clean ruggable pad

Carpet pads are the cushion between an area rug and a floor.Keeping your carpet pad clean can make it last longer.

Multiple-use carpet pads are reusable, but need to be washed regularly, at least once every six months if they are in high traffic areas.There are also disposable pads that need to be thrown out and replaced after every use.

How to use a vacuum cleaner on an area rug or carpet pad

Vacuuming an area rug or carpet pad regularly is the best way to keep dirt from caking into the fibers.The vacuum setting should be on gentle so that you don’t pull out any of the fabric.It can also help to use a machine-washable attachment, which works well for both rugs and carpet pads.

Pet hair and dander can get trapped in your area rugs and carpet pads over time.Fortunately, the sticky roller on a vacuum cleaner can be used to clean these surfaces.

How to remove stains from carpets, rugs, and mats

There are some ways to clean up basic stains on your carpets, rugs, and mats.Some areas will have different rules about how often you can clean rugs in certain buildings or homes because of the method being used.

For example, if someone has a steam cleaner, they may need to wait until all the moisture has evaporated before they put the rug back down.Steam cleaners can cause rugs to shrink or curl because of the heat and moisture, which is why it’s very important to wait until the area rug has completely dried before putting it back in place.

Cleaning will be easier if you vacuum your area rug or carpet pad both before and after it is placed in the room.Once a week either wash an Oriental rug using a solution or dry clean a large rug to keep it clean between regular vacuuming.

Smaller rugs should be cleaned more frequently, at least once every other week.Since carpet pads are beneath the area rug where it is walked on, they will need to be vacuumed more often.

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