Provincetown Travel Tips

Are you planning to have a vacation in a small town? Provincetown is one of the best; its rich culture and history are something to look forward to. There is a lot to do in Provincetown.

Things to Do in Provincetown

Provincetown is famous for its art and culture, and in summer, the town hosts several events worth joining. You can join their lovely family week, Bear Week, Girl Splash, Carnival, and many more. There is no such thing as exclusivity in Provincetown; anyone has something to enjoy in Provincetown at almost any time of the year. Research what events will be by the time you are in Provincetown.

What to Pack for Provincetown

The weather could be unpredictable if you plan to visit Provincetown during the regular travel season. Hence, it is best to bring your umbrella with you and hope it does not rain. But it is hot and humid if you plan to travel in the summer. You might need to bring cotton clothes to keep you comfortable during your stay.

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You can pack your beachwear if you love to go to the beach. Themed parties are a thing in Provincetown too.  You can pack lightly for your trip to Provincetown and rely on the laundry services Upper East Side nearby if you run out of fresh clothes. Remember to bring a sweater to keep you warm on rainy days in Provincetown.

Where to Stay in Provincetown?

It is not a challenge where to stay in Provincetown. Even if there are several big events and people flock to join, finding a place to stay is not challenging. You can book a hotel, bed-and-breakfast, or Airbnb accommodations.

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If you want to be at the center of Provincetown, some hotels are located near Commercial Street. This is a great location, as most events happen across the streets.

Travel Tips to Provincetown

Book Early for a Fast Ferry

There are several ways to make it to Provincetown, but a fast ferry from Boston is the easiest. It only takes 90 minutes to reach Provincetown by a fast ferry. However, the downside is the limited departure time and seats. So it is best to book early for your tickets.

Roam Around on a Bike

Since Provincetown is a small town, it is almost entirely walkable, especially if you book a place at the center of the town. But renting a bike to roam around makes it more enjoyable and easier. If you know how to bike, do not miss out on this experience.

Go for Seafood

Provincetown is a seaside town; there are several seafood restaurants you can try at. Besides the fresh, delicious seafood dish their restaurants serve, the view of their beachside restaurants is a great place to lounge. Do not miss out on the lobster roll at The Canteen.

Enjoy Provincetown

There is a lot you can do in a small town like Provincetown. You will be surprised how short a week’s stay can be. Plan your vacation now.

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