Transform Your Cooking Skills With a Pot Set

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to living life on their own. Whether you’re moving out on your own or moving in with roommates, the kitchen has to get stocked somehow!

Regardless of age, we’ve all been subject to either the hand-me-down set from a family member or purchasing the cheapest pot set you can find at the store.

No matter which pot set you end up with, they will most likely all have the same thing in common: they will start to wear down fast, resulting in a less than excellent food result. With our help, you can find the best pot set that fits your budget and makes amazing food!

What Options Do I Have When Purchasing a New Pot Set?

There are several different options when it comes to a new pot set, which can make the decision even more overwhelming. So, we’ve broken them down with some critical information about each one.


  • Pros: Non-stick pot sets are incredibly durable, and their non-stick coating makes them a breeze for cooking and cleaning. These are also typically made of aluminum, making them less expensive than other cookware.
  • Cons: The non-stick coating can wear off or become damaged if not handled or cleaned correctly. The coating can also release chemicals when heated. Non-stick pots are not oven or dishwasher-safe, and you cannot use metal cooking utensils on non-stick surfaces.

Stainless Steel:

  • Pros: Aside from their beautiful shine, stainless steel pot sets provide a more even cooking surface. They tend to be longer-lasting and are great for the more experienced chef.
  • Cons: These are not non-stick, so foods can easily get stuck, causing burning. They can be heavy and relatively expensive for a good pot set.
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Cast Iron:

  • Pros: Cast iron cookware has been around for quite a while, and for a good reason! They are very durable and can be affordable. They provide an even heating surface and are non-stick, so no sprays are required.
  • Cons: Cast iron pots are extremely heavy. They also require you to “season” the pot by adding a thin layer of oil to the pan, then putting it in a hot oven. The pot needs to be re-seasoned several times a year, which can be time-consuming. Also, the handle gets very hot while cooking and takes a while to cool down.  

Hybrid Set:

  • Pros: Bring together the best of non-stick, stainless steel, and cast iron pot sets. Hybrids are non-stick, you can use metal cooking utensils with them, and the metal handle stays cool. These are oven and dishwasher-safe and great for cooks of all levels.

What Pots and Pans Are Typically In Cookware Sets?

Frying Pan or Skillet:

  • These are generally used for cooking things like eggs or burgers, but they can cook pretty much anything!


  • These are great for sauces, but also soups or rice. Usually, larger sets come in several different sizes.

Why Does All of This Matter?

There’s a fine science to cooking that not everyone is so lucky to have mastered and enjoyed. Some people are brought up cooking from a young age, being taught by a family member or friend, while others don’t find their passion until reaching adulthood and being out on their own.

During these early phases, one would likely not want to spend very much money on an expensive pot set if they aren’t even sure they’ll use it or enjoy the cooking period.

With this, people tend to start with purchasing cheaper sets at their local store, which can affect the quality of food and how it’s prepared safely in some cases.

Once their original set starts having some of the issues discussed above, people start looking into a new cookware line to invest in. There are a variety of factors that can sway a person to purchase one set over another.

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For example, if you are cooking with a gas range, you may have experienced the common issue of the pot not heating evenly across the bottom.

In that case, perhaps a non-stick pot set would not be the one for you. You are making an investment in your cookware, so it’s important to make the right decision!

Other Factors to Consider

Purchasing a pot set that is covered under some sort of warranty is always a great idea, especially if it’s on the more expensive side.

That way, if you purchase a set you aren’t crazy about, you have options to return for a full refund, and you don’t have to sweat about making the wrong decision.

Lifetime warranties are also a great option to look for if the company promises to fix or replace an item for the life of the product. We hope this breakdown helps you make the best cookware purchase possible!

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