What do Other People Think of LottieFiles?

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LottieFiles, the platform for developers and designers to easily collaborate and animate, recently announced a $37M Series B funding round led by Square Peg Capital. This has been a strong endorsement from the investment community, but what do other people think of the platform?

Let’s take a look at the most common reactions from the tech industry and beyond to the news of this funding round.

What is LottieFiles?

LottieFiles is a cloud-based platform for editing, hosting, and delivering cross-platform animation files. Founded in 2016, LottieFiles has quickly become the industry standard for integrating animation elements into mobile applications. The company leverages pre-made vector files to help developers add motion graphics to their projects with ease.

Recently, LottieFiles closed a series B funding round of $37 million led by Square Peg Capital– the highest ever venture capital investment in an animations platform. The investments will be used to accelerate product development and expand the company’s reach further into emerging markets. With its user base growing rapidly across the globe, LottieFiles is seen as one of the most promising companies in the animation industry.

LottieFiles raises $37M Series B funding led by Square Peg Capital

LottieFiles, a startup providing a library of free and animated mobile animations to developers, announced recently that it has raised $37 million in Series B funding led by venture capital firm Square Peg Capital. The investment was made in order to expand the capabilities of the LottieFiles platform, enabling more developers and design teams around the world to utilize its services.

LottieFiles enables developers to incorporate animation quickly and easily into their apps, with a vast library of free animations available that can be used on any platform like iOS, Android, Windows and web. The company’s software development kit (SDK) is designed for both mobile apps and web-based interface development. With these tools, developers are able to bring animated experiences directly into their projects without having to use complex coding techniques or long learning curves with expensive tools like Adobe After Effects.

The new funding will enable LottieFiles to scale its technology even further, and attract enterprise customers. Currently LottieFiles’ customers include companies like Twitter, Craigslist, Bigcommerce and Skyscanner among others. The new capital also opens up room for expansion into new verticals like healthcare providers, marketing firms and even gamers creating complex interactions within their games.

At this time LottieFile has 35 team members distributed between its San Francisco Bay Area HQ office as well as remote offices in Ukraine and Cyprus. The company plans on hiring additional employees at all locations over the coming year thanks to its new Series B funding round. With the addition of square pegs micro seed fund the team behind lotted files will receive great advicer on increasing user engagement & growing communities rapidly.


LottieFiles is one of the most popular animation libraries, and has recently raised $37M in Series B funding led by Square Peg Capital. With the investment, LottieFiles has seen great success, and users are excited to see what new features and improvements will come next.

This article will go into the benefits of using LottieFiles and how it can help developers save time and money.

Easy to use

LottieFiles is a leading animation platform that makes it easy and intuitive to create interactive animations, offering designers and developers a top notch tool set for their projects. With its advanced features and simple integration with the popular applications and websites, LottieFiles provides an efficient way to work with interactive animations.

Additionally, the platform enables professionals to quickly create, edit, manage and share beautiful animations with just a few clicks. This helps simplify the entire process of creating dynamic visuals that can attract viewers’ attention.

Recently, LottieFiles raised $37M Series B funding led by Square Peg Capital in order to further expand its network and reach customers from different parts of the world. The funding will enable them to continue their mission of democratizing rich animation experiences so users can craft amazing visuals without relying on external coding or animator resources. The company also plans to use the new funds for research & development activities that could lead to new innovative capabilities for users.

LottieFiles’ ease of use is one of the main features that make it attractive for both professionals and amateurs alike. With its easy-to-use graphic user interface (GUI) as well as support for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Web GL and HTML5, developers have access to great facilities when they need it most while designing their projects – be it mobile apps or website contents. Accessing content from third-parties is also greatly simplified by LottieFiles’ customizable libraries whereby users can get authentic visual elements at their disposal with just a few clicks!

Cost effective

One of the benefits of using LottieFiles is its cost-effectiveness for producing high-quality animations. By using the platform, businesses save money on software purchases, development costs, and other expenses associated with creating animations. As mentioned previously, LottieFiles is an open-source library, meaning that it can be used for free and without any costly licensing fees. Additionally, it shortens the design development process and makes sharing completed projects to multiple platforms easy; including websites, apps and digital ads. This not only reduces upfront costs but also ongoing maintenance costs in the long run.

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The recently announced Series B funding round of $37 million shows just how much investors believe in LottieFiles’s cost-effective animation production capabilities. Lead investor Square Peg Capital said that they believe LottieFiles is set to transform how businesses create animations and make design accessible to everybody in a more affordable way than ever before.

High quality

LottieFiles raised $37 million in Series B funding, led by Square Peg Capital. This funding round is a testament to the increasing demand for industry leading animation software, and it brings LottieFiles’ total funding to more than $50 million.

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LottieFiles provides designers with an easy and efficient way to create high-quality animations that look great at all screen sizes. This is accomplished using their patented cutting-edge technology, which allows developers and designers to create high-quality animations without having to write any code. The LottieFiles platform also comes with powerful asset management capabilities, enabling teams to easily and quickly collaborate on projects in one place.

The advantage that the LottieFiles platform has over other animation tools is its wide range of high quality content that is available from top animation libraries around the world. Whether you’re looking for animated characters or scenes, there’s a great selection of content available for use in your projects. With access to over 1 million royalty free illustrations and 500k+ animations from world class illustrators, it’s no wonder why this platform has become so popular among executives who want engaging visuals for their project presentations and products or services launches. In addition, LottieFiles also offers users access to an extensive catalog of stock videos sourced from leading video providers like Shutterstock, Videoblocks and Pond5 making it easier than ever before for users to find the right content needed for their particular project needs – regardless of industry or market they may be targeting.


Since its launch in 2017, LottieFiles has experienced tremendous growth as it raised $37M Series B funding led by Square Peg Capital in 2020.

But despite its success, it has faced several challenges in the industry, creating both opportunities and issues for the company. In this article, we will delve into the challenges faced by the company and how they have been addressed.

Limited features

Despite their popularity, there are some concerns regarding the limitations of LottieFiles’ capabilities. For example, some animation types, such as 3D animations and dynamic effects, are not supported. Additionally, public access to the full range of animation features is only available with a paid plan.

Furthermore, not all features that are available in the web app or desktop tools work on mobile devices. This can result in animations working as intended for desktop users but looking different for mobile users. Additionally, there can be incompatibilities with certain browsers and platforms which can limit accessibility and cause confusion for many users.

Lack of support

Despite the recognition and success that has come along with LottieFiles, they still face a few challenges that hinder their growth. One of these is the lack of support. The framework is open-source, meaning anyone can use it, but people often feel unsupported when they try to use the animation files without having any support.

The issue may be due to the fact that the founders do not provide any direct help or instruction on how people should use their product. This makes it difficult for those who struggle with using some of the more complex features of LottieFiles. Additionally, there have been reports from users of losing work due to bugs in some animation files because there is not a system for reporting these issues or receiving technical support when something goes wrong.

The lack of support on LottieFiles can put users in a precarious situation where they struggle to find solutions on their own or risk wasting valuable time and resources trying out different techniques until something works. This is one challenge that LottieFiles must address if they want to reach even greater heights and capitalize on this influx of user attention and engagement that comes with their recent fundraising success.

Slow loading times

One of the key challenges associated with using LottieFiles is its slow loading times for certain features. This can be a major problem for some users, especially those who are working with large files or need to quickly render and preview animations.

To counter this challenge, LottieFiles has implemented several strategies and performance optimizations to help speed up your workflow. These include optimizing algorithms to reduce data processing time, caching frequently used files, prioritizing file deliveries based on user needs and preferences, as well as utilizing content delivery networks (CDN).

Additionally, LottieFiles has continued to invest in improving their infrastructure and cloud architectures in order to provide users with faster loading times regardless of the size of their files. As a result of these efforts, the company has been successful in significantly reducing loading times on a consistent basis.

User Overviews

With LottieFiles, users can create, store, and share animations easily. The platform has seen a surge in popularity recently as it recently raised $37M Series B funding led by Square Peg Capital.

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While much of the investment has gone into improving the platform, the bigger question for people is: how do users feel about it? Let’s take a look at what people have to say about their experiences with LottieFiles.

Positive Overviews

The news of LottieFiles raising a $37 million Series B financing round has been met with positive remarks from many users. Many believe that LottieFiles’ services, which allow designers and developers to embed animations on mobile devices and websites, couldn’t come at a better time. With the industry rapidly growing its presence in digital, the user reaction is largely positive.

One customer expressed their gratitude for the fact that LottieFiles supports both iOS and Android—“a major advantage for people who don’t want to make separate animations for each platform”—whilst another was pleased with the “seamless integration into the design process”.

Velocity Product Manager @Zach Kafka reported benefiting from using intuitive keyframing features and being able to rapidly see updates take effect through their smooth preview feature. Animator @Pablo Galaz remarked, “It’s so nice not having to continuously export files every time I need to change something or test it out on different devices”, highlighting just how much simpler it makes previewing workflows.

The influx of funding is expected by many users to enable further product innovation—already Evotec CEO Ritesh Maheshwari described noticing “quite a few updates rolling out regularly in short cycles…which helps put them ahead of their competitors”. He also noted that it was quite intuitive to update existing animations directly within the browser, citing this as an example of how they were dedicating themselves towards continuing modernizing animation workflows.

Negative Overviews

User remarks of LottieFiles have generally been negative, with many individuals noting that the features are not robust enough for their needs. Many users have also expressed discontent over the lack of customer service and technical support, as well as the difficulties experienced when trying to resolve issues.

Some users have even reported that the software runs slow and glitches frequently. Overall, many customers are skeptical of LottieFiles, citing better products with more reliable customer service and technical support on the market.

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