Five Reasons to Install Solar Panels


While we might live in a part of the world where the sun doesn’t seem to shine, it does provide energy most days. Even on cloudy days, your solar panels will convert rays from the sun into electricity. Therefore, solar is an excellent option when looking for a renewable energy source.

There are natural reservations about making the leap to solar, not least the initial installation cost. You will likely need to set aside thousands of pounds, depending on the size of your house and the number of panels you install.

Despite the significant upfront investment, there are some powerful reasons to choose. Here, we explore five reasons for you to consider installing solar panels.

You are Taking Individual Responsibility for Environmental Concerns.

Finding an alternative energy source to fossil fuels is essential to the future of our climate and environment. We are already experiencing significant weather events, and the prediction is that these will become more extreme.

While it’s true that one person alone can’t reverse the environmental trend, it’s important to consider the collective impact. In Northern Ireland, there are over 800,000 homes. If everyone takes a small amount of responsibility, the combined effect could be significant. This means that we don’t have to wait for governments to act-we can start making a difference now.

You will See a Return on Your Investment.

By not relying on energy providers to supply your electricity, you will be protected from the varying prices that have been challenging in recent years. Geo-political events directly impact our household budgets because of the reliance on energy sources.

The average household will save £400 a year on electricity thanks to solar panels. Solar panels are expected to last 20 – 25 years, and you will have paid back the installation cost within ten years.

It is hard to think ahead ten years when considering financial investment. However, you likely just signed a 25-year mortgage deal, and these are the time frames you work with in property.

Energy Companies Might Pay You Money.

You will likely buy a battery and store the excess electricity your panels create. This stored energy will keep you powered when the sun doesn’t shine much.


However, it is possible to sell excess energy back to the energy companies. You being the supplier of the energy means the roles are reversed, and you get paid for the power you generate.

You Could Increase The Value of Your Home.

Estate agents are split on whether solar panels add value to a home. Some say it doesn’t make much impact, and others say it could add as much as 4 – 14% to its value.

The argument for why it might add value feels common sense. In a competitive market, your house is more desirable because you have provided a means of reducing energy bills. The energy efficiency of a house is one of the most significant concerns of any buyer, as it massively impacts the ongoing affordability of running the home. Consequently, the buyer may pay more upfront, which gives you another way to see a return on your home’s investment.

You Purchase Some Peace of Mind.

The cost of living crisis is a challenge to budgets. It creates significant uncertainty, as people worry if they can afford to pay the bills. Stress is heightened when the price of energy fluctuates significantly and witness how world events directly impact the affordability of heating, lighting, and other power needs.

Consequently, spending money to save money is also a means of buying peace of mind. The solar panels give you a guarantee of affordable energy no matter what happens around the world.

To Purchase or Not to Purchase?

Any significant outlay of cash is a big decision. Equally, making changes to your home feels like a huge decision. While ultimately you are buying a source of electricity, you also purchase an opportunity to make money and earn some much-needed stress relief.


And finally, while we may look at what is in it for us, there are broader responsibilities we all hold to heal a planet that our children will need in the future. Therefore, investing in renewable energy sources is also an investment in this future.

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