Highest Facts to Know about Cyprus when Vacationing for Investment Purpose


Des – Cyprus is not only a popular tourist destination but a hub for real estate investors. Right behavioral patterns, unique features and other peculiarities to know about Cyprus.

The island of Cyprus attracts millions of visitors annually. Some prefer to enjoy short stay while others even plan to buy villas in Cyprus for investment. The tendency is quite obvious. You visit the country at least once, fall in love with its comfortable lifestyle and relaxing atmosphere and return with the desire to purchase your accommodation in paradise.

However, there are some less popular facts about Cyprus as a place for permanent residence and property investment.

The Division of the Cypriot Territory

Due to certain historic events, Cyprus is divided into two parts – Greek and Turkish. Not every Cypriot will want to talk to a curious tourist about this, because the memory of those times is fresh and those who lost something or someone in 1974 are still alive. Fortunately, many years of controversy have mitigated the situation.

The south of the island, or the Greek part of the island, is a richer area and most of the tourist centers are located here. The area of the island near Akamas Park is very interesting because it is greener than the rest of the island, moreover it is quieter and there are not as many resorts.

The political situation also significantly influenced multilingualism. Various languages, such as Greek, English, and Turkish, are widely used in Cyprus. However, in some places, locals may also speak other languages, which facilitates communication and creates a unique multilingual atmosphere.

Cyprus has Left-hand Traffic

In Cyprus, as in many other countries, traffic is left-hand drive. Historically, this choice is linked to the influence of British colonial rule.

The British government brought transport standards, including left-hand traffic, to Cyprus. After Cyprus gained independence in 1960, the country retained this traffic pattern, probably because it was established and accepted by the population under British rule, and changing it would have been difficult and costly. Thus, the influence of historical factors played a key role in shaping the transport system of Cyprus and the retention of left-hand traffic.


Citizens of the United Kingdom and Australia are used to left-hand traffic. But citizens of other countries must be attentive on the road and manage their actions carefully.

Different Etiquette Norms

Some etiquette norms may differ dramatically from those in your country. There is a list of things no-to-do when you are visiting the country.

  • Wear open clothes when visiting monasteries and mosques.
  • Present white lilies. In Cyprus, it is customary to bring these flowers exclusively to funerals.
  • Set off sky lanterns and large fireworks. This ban is due to the island’s climatic conditions: high temperatures and low rainfall. The slightest spark can cause a fire.
  • Ask locals about politics and the division of the country. For obvious reasons, it is a painful topic for Cypriots.
  • Take photos of military objects. As not all objects can be pictured, asking locals or policemen about the definite location is advisable.
  • Eat and drink while you’re driving the car.
  • Take objects found on the seabed and those washed ashore out of the country. Souvenir shops are abundant throughout the country, especially in popular tourist destinations. That being said, you must keep your purchase receipts to prevent confusion when you depart the nation.
  • Drink tap water. While almost all Cypriot homes have a separate tap for drinking water, islanders are likelier to purchase bottled water from stores and supermarkets.

The Island Abounds with Delicious Food

Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are the most numerous nationalities on the island. However, due to the variety of other nationalities on the island, Cyprus’s cuisine is an intertwining of Eastern and European traditions. So, what dishes should the traveler try in Cyprus?

Here are some famous and delicious dishes to try when traveling to Cyprus:

  • Meze is a set of 5-20 appetizers that includes sauces, fried pieces of vegetables, fish, smoked pork loin, marinated sausages, grape leaves filled with minced rice, omelets with different fillings, grilled cutlets, stewed rabbit, etc.
  • Berries and fruit – the island is home to strawberries, oranges, figs, kiwi, avocado, carambola, pitahaya, grapes and momordica.
  • Souvlaki is a kind of kebab from Cyprus prepared with chunks of meat or pork. At neighborhood kebab restaurants, it is served on a platter with fresh veggies (onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes), sauces, and half a lemon, whose juice is poured over the meal.
  • Kypriaki Tyropita is the Cypriot version of a cake. It is usually filled with halloumi cheese or almonds and served as an appetizer or dessert. It goes well with a cup of local coffee or tea.
  • Tahini. It is delicious sesame seed pasta with onion, garlic, and spices. It is often included in main courses and sauces or added to salads and appetizers but can also be served separately.  


As you can see, the local cuisine combines many tastes and products. Meat, seafood, fresh fruits, and vegetables seasoned with various flavors impress and make foreigners fall in love with the country.

Cyprus Provides Affordable Housing with a Sea View

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So, buying real estate in Cyprus for personal stay or investment, you get:

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  • Advantage in obtaining a residence permit or residence permit.
  • Convenient location in Europe.
  • High demand for rental housing in Cyprus.
  • Annual return on property – from 4%.


Do not delay vacationing in the resort destination. Make your holiday memorable and profitable with Cyprus-Real.Estate.  

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