What your Furniture Thinks About While you DIY your Moving Plan


You’re flat-out packing boxes, losing them, and cursing every 5 minutes about bubble wrap and where the tape went. While you’re there tripping out. Here’s a peek into the hidden world of your things during a move: But As Aussie as it can get

Rusty Wok: ” Here we go again, tossed about like a cork in a storm. Where are we even going this time?”

Sheila the Sheaf Knife: “Dunno, Rusty. But judging by the state of these boxes, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Still, reckon we should’ve convinced Brenda the Blender to come with us? Packing herself is a recipe for disaster.”

Brenda the Blender (muffled from a box): “Oi! I can hear you! And for your information, I’m perfectly capable of packing myself. Besides, who wants to be stuck in a box with you lot? It’s enough to give a blender a complex.”

Dusty Photo Frame (sighs): “Honestly, all this commotion is giving me flashbacks. Remember the Great Flood of ’98, when we all ended up floating in the lounge room?”


Rusty Wok (shudders): “Don’t remind me, Dusty. Still got nightmares about the soggy spring rolls.”

Sheila the Sheaf Knife: “Enough of the reminiscing, cobwebs! We need a plan. This whole moving malarkey is giving me a blunt edge. We need someone strong, reliable, someone who can get us there in one piece.”

Brenda the Blender (through the box): “Exactly! We need removalists, that’s what! Imagine a team of strapping blokes who know how to handle fragile egos… er, I mean, fragile items.”

Dusty Photo Frame: “Removalists, eh? Now that’s an idea! No more jostling, no more wondering if we’ll ever see the light of day again. Just a smooth transition to our new home.”

(Suddenly, a loud thump is heard)


Sheila the Sheaf Knife: “Sounds like Brenda, the blender might have spoken too soon.”

What is the moral of the story? Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you or your belongings. Let Compare Affordable Removalist take the stress out of the equation.

We’ll find removalist quotes that’ll have your things cheering (well, maybe not literally) and get you settled into your new place without a hitch. Now, that’s something to raise a glass (or a spatula) to!

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