What Colors Go Good With Burgundy (Interior Design)

There seems to be a trend going around the web right now of promoting Burgundy as a color to go with red, maybe in an attempt to make Burgundy a more popular color. But I don’t think there’s a color that goes good with Burgundy. Burgundy is a color that has a strong presence in a room, and when you add in the high points of the room, the color will be too much. If you’re looking for a color that goes really well with Burgundy I would recommend a much more subdued color. Right now, my favorite color to go with Burgundy is a color that has a strong presence in a room, but I would advise against using a color with a lot of high points. My favorite color

Burgundy is one of the most popular and effective interior colors. It’s not just for dining rooms — it can be used in any room of the house, be it the living room, the dining room, the bedroom or the kitchen. This makes it a color that’s suitable for many rooms. However, the toned down version of this color, such as the burgundy red is not as popular as the more intense version, such as the burgundy burgundy. There are several considerations you need to keep in mind while choosing the right color for your home:

Burgundy is a color that can be found in both interior and exterior design, and often is a color that is especially popular in the warmer months of the year. What you choose to do with your home interior design is completely up to you, from changing up your color scheme for a more brighter and colorful look, to a more subdued and calming color with a touch of sophistication.

Here we cover what colors go good with burgundy including wall paint colors, colors that match with dark burgundy, light burgundy, burgundy carpet, and furniture for your home interior. What-Colors-Go-Good-With-Burgundy-Interior-Design Burgundy is an unusual color for the home interiors mainly because it isn’t part of the primary color wheel to begin with. It’s sort of a hybrid. 

It has a purple tinge to it and is a cross between red and brown. It isn’t maroon, since it is a shade or two lighter than that hue, but it’s not uncommon for the two to be mistaken. 

Burgundy is a hue with a fascinating psychological underpinning. Because it is so strongly linked with red, it is a deep and rich hue that connotes strength and a feeling of authority. 

Burgundy is often mistakenly thought to be the serious, less fun cousin of red, yet this couldn’t be farther from the truth. It combines the passion and excitement of red with a sober tone that conveys energy and desire. It’s a bold hue to use in your home’s decor.

Burgundy is a vibrant hue that radiates vitality and elegance, despite its rather perplexing roots. Burgundy is seldom associated with unpleasant feelings. 

And if this is something you desire for your home’s interiors, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re making the best design choices possible.

Burgundy-Friendly Paint Colors

Here are some of our favorite color schemes that go well with the color burgundy.

Both of these hues are deep and inviting. Because of this, they pair fairly readily, but a word of caution: having them in big quantities may be overpowering, so choose just a few walls and surface areas while you’re doing this. 

When it comes to mixing and matching these paint colors, use the 60-30-10 guideline. Always start with a 60 percent neutral hue of your choosing, then bring in your navy blues at 30 percent, and maintain burgundy at 10% since it is such a powerful color. Find out more about selecting paint colors that flow from one area to the next.

White and Burgundy

1628189168_861_What-Colors-Go-Good-With-Burgundy-Interior-Design Because burgundy is a heavier hue, it makes logical to match it with a lighter color like white. You could also use it as a stencil on white walls, or paint the top walls white and the bottom section burgundy. 

You can ground the space by using this feeling of depth in the hue. This gives the walls more depth and character, and it may create a visually stunning contrast.

Brown and Burgundy

Burgundy combined with browns may work well for you if you want something a little more gloomy and manly for your decor. 

This will work best in areas of the house where you want to instill emotions of warmth and comfort, such as a den or a mini-library. 

To balance the weight, paint the walls burgundy and add neutral brown colors. It will ensure that the room does not seem too claustrophobic. Find out what colors work well with brown in this article.

Beige and Burgundy 

1628189168_820_What-Colors-Go-Good-With-Burgundy-Interior-Design This is a variation on the burgundy and neutrals color scheme. Burgundy accents can truly bring a drab space to life. 

You may also paint your walls burgundy and then add beige accents to them, whether it’s on the walls or on the leathers and textiles on your furniture. Beige may be a little too monochrome at times, but adding in the sharp contrast of burgundy can really help to balance it out and make the design work for the space.

Dark Burgundy-Friendly Colors

If you’re stuck on what to wear this autumn, dark burgundy is the go-to hue, and here are some great alternatives. We understand that burgundy isn’t the most forgiving color to deal with. However, here are a few combinations that you may find useful:

Peach with dark burgundy

The rich hue of dark burgundy is best complemented with peach. It works because it’s a neutral extension of the hue, and when utilized together in a room, it creates a feeling of continuity. 

1628189169_341_What-Colors-Go-Good-With-Burgundy-Interior-Design Peach may also appear pleasant and lovely, and it can help to brighten up any area that might otherwise be overshadowed by the dark burgundy hue. Bringing them together will give your room a bright and airy feel.

Light Pinks and Dark Burgundy

Although pink is a more feminine color, it pairs well with dark burgundy hues. Pink hues in the light and medium ranges are ideal. 


Avoid bright pinks since they may make the room seem too heavy and clash with the dark burgundy, which should be the main hue.

Yellow and dark burgundy

This is an unusual pairing, yet one that works. Given that it may be a bit of a bold appearance for any space, opt for the milder hues of yellow to be on the safe side. 


The two hues are linked with autumn colors, therefore incorporating them into your decor may be the ideal transition. 

Colors to Match a Burgundy Carpet

It is dependent on the kind of place you want to create. If you want to opt for a more formal or classic appearance, stick to neutrals that are more earth tones. 

Burgundy is a hue that is made up of red and brown tones. The combination of neutral browns and a burgundy carpet gives the space a more manly, serious feel.

If you want to opt for a softer, more feminine appearance, match your burgundy carpet with the lighter red color tones in the color wheel. Your carpet will look great with light pinks, peaches, and other similar hues. 

To be on the safe side, adding additional shades of white to the mix might be a good idea to brighten things up even further.

Furniture Colors That Go With Burgundy

A piece of burgundy furniture, such as a couch, may quickly take over a room in your house. It makes logical to consider it the room’s main point from a design standpoint. 


Although pairing it with neutrals or whites on the walls is the best choice, it’s also essential to remember that your selections aren’t restricted.

Consider the color scheme and atmosphere you want to achieve and go from there. Paint all of the walls the same color or choose a gradient that is near to each other on the color wheel if you want the furnishings to be the main point of the space.

If you want to add additional interest to the space and don’t want the furnishings to be the focal point, consider painting an accent wall that contrasts sharply with the rest.

Check out this post on the top paint color apps for assistance with color matching suggestions.

Burgundy is a warm, earthy color that can look great in almost any setting. You can pair it with any other color, from gold to black to brown to white, but you should watch out for a few combinations. These colors tend to clash. For example, a burgundy color would look a little strange with a bright white couch, a black rug, or a gold lamp. On the other hand, a burgundy couch would clash with a black rug or a brown lamp.. Read more about what colors go with burgundy for a wedding and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color goes with burgundy interior?

Burgundy is a dark red color. The color that goes with it is black.

What neutral color goes with burgundy?

A neutral color that goes with burgundy is brown.

How do you decorate with burgundy?

Burgundy is a dark red color. It can be used to decorate with anything from furniture to clothing.

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