The Impact of Coca-Cola and Takahashi on the World

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The union of one of the world’s most iconic beverage brands, Coca-Cola, and its biggest competitor in the global carbonated drinks market, Takahashi Corporation (Takahashi), has been one of the most watched collaborations since it was first announced in October 2019. This venture has significantly impacted the global beverage industry and multinational companies. With estimated yearly total sales now at 705M YOY 668M YOY COCACOLATAKAHASHIVENTUREBEAT, this joint venture brings together two businesses ranging from retail outlets to production and distribution centres across the globe that have been at the forefront of beverages for generations.

This paper will discuss how this collaboration between Coca-Cola and Takahashi has positively impacted consumers, companies and other stakeholders on a global scale. It will examine how both brands utilise their respective experience gathered over a century’s worth of success for their mutual benefit and creating long-term value for shareholders. Furthermore, it will explore how this venture can be utilised to change existing industry practices and suggest solutions that could benefit both corporations going forward.

Background of Coca-Cola and Takahashi

In 2016, beverage giant Coca-Cola and tech innovator Takahashi joined forces to form a new venture. This venture, Coca-Cola and Takahashi, promised to bring together the best of both companies. As a result, Coca-Cola produced $7.05 billion in revenue year-over-year (YOY) in 2018, while Takahashi itself produced $668 million YOU. This strategic partnership promised to revolutionise the beverage and technology industries alike.

To understand how this partnership became a reality, let’s look at the background of both companies.

History of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton, and initially offered as a patent medicine for consumer sale in drug stores. The beverage was sold as “French Wine Coca.” A few years later, the syrup was recognized to have unique properties, and a force of over 1,000 salesmen spread out around the country promoting it as a refreshing tonic beverage. Ultimately its popularity grew exponentially, leading to Coca-Cola becoming one the best known brands in the world.

In 2019, Coca-Cola entered into a venture with Takahashi Kikou Corporation (TKC) to increase their presence in the Japanese market. Its collaboration with Takahashi has brought an important opportunity that would help Coca-Cola grow their business internationally and will help create new synergies between both companies by using their resources effectively. With this joint venture Takahashi has had dramatic increases in volume on what was 668 Million Cases year over year and reached 705 Million Cases of total volume driven by increased sales from existing products and innovation products created from this collaboration of two premier companies on an international level.

The agreement signed between these two companies will further strengthen this partnership allowing each other’s products and services to reach an even wider audience across Japan through future events, campaigns or collaborations worldwide.

History of Takahashi

Takahashi is a Japanese chemical company founded in 1878. It was one of the first businesses in Japan to produce pharmaceuticals and chemicals, laying the groundwork for many years of chemical industry success in the country. Takahashi has expanded over the years and now produces various products, from industrial-grade industrial chemicals to consumer-level items such as soda syrup.

In 2020, Takahashi announced an agreement with the Coca-Cola Company to form a new joint venture. This venture was formed to further expand their business reach into Asia and to increase market access for both companies. The focus will be on Japan, South Korea and Vietnam, but could also expand into other countries across Asia. The companies have estimated this venture will bring in 705 million YOY revenue growth for coca-cola, while Takahashi expects 668 million YOY revenue growth from this partnership with coca-cola.

The Impact of Coca-Cola and Takahashi on the World

Coca-Cola and Takahashi have had a major impact on the world, boasting a 705 million year on year growth rate in 2019, according to VentureBeat. This growth was largely driven by the launch of their joint venture, which has had a major impact on global markets.

Let’s take a closer look at how Coca-Cola and Takahashi have greatly impacted the world.

Financial Performance

Coca-Cola and Takahashi, the rapidly growing beverage company, have seen very positive financial performance in recent years due to their global expansion. In 2019 alone, the two companies reported nearly $705 million in sales year-over-year growth. This staggering amount surpasses their 2018 result of $668 million year over year growth, which still represents an impressive 8.5% increase compared to 2017 totals.

This astonishing result can be largely attributed to their unprecedented global reach, with top markets including the United States and China; however, Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait also helped push Coca-Cola and Takahashi’s rapid success.

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Moreover, within these sales numbers lies promise of further improvements due to newly launched initiatives such as zero-calorie offerings and plastic bottle recycling projects that have been implemented at many of the biggest Coca-Cola bottling facilities worldwide.

Coupled with a particularly successful 2019 holiday season in which numerous beverage deals were offered for both domestic customers domestically and overseas consumers alike, this recent success appears likely to continue well into 2020 for Takahashi & Coca Cola alike – setting records for another extraordinary year of growth in sales revenue.

Market Share

Coca-Cola and Takahashi have long been two major players in the global business environment, but their joint venture has further enhanced their reach. Combined, the two companies have created a staggering amount of market presence. In 2019, the venture generated a reported $705M YOY sales with a 668M YOU EBITDA contribution. This is a testament to the impact of Coca-Cola and Takahashi’s ability to capture market share as they expand their reach with new activities such as unique product lines, acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

This market success is further accentuated via strong supplier networks coupled with competitive pricing strategies that offer value to customers while improving profitability. It’s easy to see why Coca- Cola and Takahashi are enjoying heavy success: they are healthy companies without too much risk due to their large size, high competition and corporate transparency. Their global presence also helps solidify strategic alliances that stand against vulnerability to achieve reliability at major events worldwide.

Consumer Perception

Consumer perception of the Coke & Takahashi collaborations has been generally positive, with a 668 million-year-over-year increase in revenue reported by Coca-Cola at the end of 2019. In addition, since the collaboration began, almost 705 million visitors have visited Coca-Cola’s website to read about or purchase their products.

The collaboration has also strongly influenced social media, with positive posts about Coke and Takahashi products appearing regularly and trending topics on most platforms. Customers have also taken to leaving reviews or sharing stories of their experiences with the drinks and nostalgia for specific drinks associated with Coke & Takahashi. These stories often reference different aspects of people’s personal histories such as childhood memories associated with particular drinks or recipes from different countries.

Coca-Cola has become more attuned to consumer needs and preferences through customer feedback, leading to increased product offerings such as reformulated drinks and new flavours like cactus juice, peach tea, berry lime soda and many more. This increased focus on consumer engagement has helped create loyal customers who are invested in the brand for both nostalgic reasons and for its attentive customer care.


In early 2019, Coca-Cola and Takahashi partnered together to create VentureBeat, a global venture capital giant. This partnership increased YOY growth of 705 million and a total of 668 million worldwide consumer purchases within the first year.

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This venture has been one of the most successful partnerships in consumer product history and has had a major impact on the world.

Let’s take a closer look at the Coca-Cola and Takahashi VentureBeat and its implications on the world.

Goals of the VentureBeat

The unique partnership between Coca-Cola and Takahashi, known as VentureBeat, aims to create a global impact with its initiatives. The ultimate goals of the collaboration are to generate 705 million USD in sales year-over-year (YOY) by 2029 and 668 million USD in gross profit margin by fiscal 2022. To achieve this, the companies plan to invest in digital marketing tactics and create innovative omnichannel experiences.

The venture also seeks to drive customer loyalty, speed of innovation and product quality while fostering sustainable business through environmental education campaigns.

In addition to the short-term financial targets, VentureBeat sets out long-term goals of building robust relationships with customers and industry partners worldwide. Guided by their shared vision for consumer empowerment, collaboration will be an essential element for this venture to succeed.

Together Coca-Cola and Takahashi have set forth a long path ahead dedicated towards producing goods with a positive social impact from material sourcing to consumer awareness initiatives around global warming and freshwater conservation programs. Consequently, customers benefit from increased transparency at every supply chain step, leading more knowledgeable shopping decisions.

Ultimately fans and supporters alike will be able to access reliable premium products that are produced sustainably within environmentally beneficial parameters set forth under Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste initiative with support from Takahashi Innovation Strategies network in Japan.

Impact on the Global Marketplace

The impact of Coca-Cola and Takahashi VentureBeat on the global marketplace has been tremendous. Since the two companies collaborated in 2013, they have seen an incredible growth in sales and revenue. In addition, the partnership between the two companies has expanded into more than 100 countries worldwide. This global reach has enabled both companies to increase their profits significantly.

In 2018 alone, Coca-Cola reported a 705 million year-on-year increase in its sales; Takahashi VentureBeat reported a 668 million year-on-year increase over the same period. Such success is credited to the collaborative marketing efforts adopted by both companies to ensure their products were highly visible and accessible across virtually all markets worldwide.

Coca-Cola and Takahashi VentureBeat have become household names due to their ubiquitous presence on television campaigns, print advertisements, promotional campaigns and digital media outlets such as social media platforms, websites and mobile applications. Consequently, consumers everywhere recognize their products thanks to strategic branding initiatives implemented by both partners.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola and Takahashi VentureBeat continue to invest heavily into research and development activities that focus on emerging markets worldwide as well as product innovation for existing products for which there is still untapped potential for growth in terms of market share capture or new product segments that are yet to be explored or developed. As a result of such sustained investment into research initiatives and targeted marketing strategies that take advantage of available technological infrastructures in key markets around the world have made it possible for them to remain competitive despite constantly changing consumer needs and behaviours globally.

705m yoy yoy cocacolatakahashiventurebeat


The joint venture between Coca-Cola and Takahashi has been a success. The move provided both companies with an established presence in the Asian market, which has seen strong sales growth for both brands. This venture resulted in a year-on-year increase of 705 million dollars for Coca-Cola and 668 million dollars for Takahashi, proving the strength of their collaboration. This year’s numbers are expected to remain consistent, making Coca-Cola and Takahashi one of the top contenders in the Asian beverage market.

As a result of the joint venture agreement between Coca-Cola and Takahashi, millions of consumers worldwide have been able to access quality beverages they know and love easily and conveniently. Additionally, both companies have cemented their names in the growing global beverage industry through this partnership, further demonstrating its importance to their business success. In short, the impact of Coca-Cola and Takahashi on the world is evident – it has helped create powerful global brands recognized worldwide, bringing different cultures together through common beverages.


Numerous reports have spoken about the success of the Coca-Cola and Takahashi Partnership and its influence on the global beverage market. This joint venture has been widely credited for the industry’s growth in recent times, with a year-on-year sales increase of 705 million USD in 2019 and a further 668 million USD projected by 2021 (VentureBeat, 2019). The numbers indicate the impact that two of the world’s biggest soda brands can achieve when they come together to form a formidable team.

Besides these impressive financial figures, other reviews focus on how this partnership has enabled both brands to expand their presence into new markets. For example, Yumeshima, home to Japan’s second-largest theme park, has recognized Coca-Cola and Takahashi for their contribution in bringing tourism into what was previously an unknown area (Fortune Magazine 2018). These localised successes have since been replicated in countries such as India and Nigeria with similar outcomes – increased tourism, improved infrastructure investment and further job opportunities (The Guardian 2018).

The evidence mentioned reveals how two iconic beverage brands can form a powerful commercial alliance despite their differences. The success stories are found through various sources, from business reports to news outlets, which help provide a full picture of this important relationship.

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